Jill Cataldo is Not Dead!

I overheard two women talking at the grocery store when one woman told the other, “The Jill Cataldo couponing stuff is dead…  There are no real good deals like there used to be.”  I shook my head as I collected about 40 cans of soup for which I paid about $4.

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If you have never heard of Jill Cataldo (aka The Coupon Queen),known for her super-couponing grocery savings, you may be missing out on some huge grocery savings.  Jill’s deals of the week are not to be missed as the tips she provides could leave you with a trunk-full of groceries at a fraction of the retail cost (or even free!).

Regular listeners of the Chicago’s Loop radio station may have heard her on the Jonathan Brandmeier show; Jill had a regular call-in spot on the show and would provide listeners with information on how to save big money on their grocery shopping by leveraging coupons, weekly sales events, and Catalina checkout promotions (or a combination of all three).  As people began to see the value in the tips that Jill Cataldo provides, her popularity has grown (and rightfully so).  In the past several years, Jill has been mentioned or appeared on many mainstream media shows including ABC’s Nightline, the CBS Early Show, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, WGN News, and many local news outlets.

jill cataldo grocery coupon savings deals of the week
Jill Cataldo aka "The Grocery Queen"

Jill Cataldo’s super-couponingtips are very valuable in today’s economy.  As prices at the grocery store seem to steadily rise, it’s a tough time to find anything cheap.  However, the coupon queen seems to find the deals each week on items such as canned soup, toothbrushes, and refrigerated rolls, to name a few.  Each week it something new…  You have to check out her deals of the week to get an idea of the grocery savings potential.

On more than one occassion, I have followed the instructions on Jill’s deals of the week, and walked away with a cart-load of groceries for mere pennies-on-the-dollar.  It gives you a strange feeling to walk away with so much for so little, but I assure you that all the information she provides is spot-on and perfectly within the rules allowed.

One of the best things about Jill Cataldo’s website (and blog) and the information it includes, is the focus on local grocery stores.  Since she resides in the Chicagoland area, the deals she explains are readily accessible at local grocery stores like Jewel, Dominick’s, CVS, and Walgreen’s.

For more information about her super-couponing program, click here. (http://www.supercouponing.com/)

For Jill Cataldo’s deals of the week, visit her website, http://www.jillcataldo.com/ and create an account (there is no need to worry about receiving unwanted emails – I honestly don’t thing I’ve ever received an email from her site).

Check it out!