DuPage Children’s Museum Groupon Deal

Get over to groupon.com by this Friday, November 2nd, and pick up a groupon to the DuPage County Children’s Museum in downtown Naperville.  For just $17 you get admission for four to the museum (a 55% savings off the regular admission price).  Pick up a couple of extras as gifts (makes a great stocking-stuffer).  You…

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What to Buy Used vs New

Many people have it in their mind that new items are the way to go. In some cases, this is true, but you should know what to buy new, and what to buy used. There are some good reasons to buy used. Buying certain items used will save you tons of money! When in perfectly…

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local coupons dupage county

DuPage County Coupons

The tough economic times have created a huge demand for local coupons and savings offers in recent years. Many consumers simply will not buy a product or service without an available coupon or deal. Retailers and service providers are heeding the call for savings and local coupons on a scale never before encountered… If you…

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clear vs comcast high speed internet

It’s Clear, I Hate Comcast – Comcast vs Clear

I should forewarn you that I am writing this from a biased position. I’m not even going to pretend that I like Comcast in the least, because I don’t. In fact, I cannot stand Comcast, and I’d love to see them squashed completely out of existence. Everything written in this post is based on my experience with, and opinion of, Comcast. Now, on to my experience of finally cutting the cable for good and connecting via Clear Network wireless.

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