Black Friday Sales and Shopping Map

Black friday sale informationBlack Friday is almost here.  You can bet that there will be some great sales and deals as retailers do their best to make up for a year of sluggish sales.

Today’s post should help you plan for your Black Friday shopping trip.  I wanted to cover the top 10 retailers (below the map) in DuPage County where you are most likely to get sweet Black Friday deals.  The map below will help you plan your shopping adventure.

Black Friday Shopping Map

Black Friday shopping has become and exciting, sometimes brutal, adventure. You need to have a plan of attack. What stores do you plan to shop at, and in what order? The map below plots out all of the major area retailers outlined above (with the exception of Walgreens – they’re on just about every corner).

Use the map to put together your Black Friday shopping plan. Most of the stores plotted below are within the boundaries of DuPage County. Each of these retailers has locations in surrounding counties, but they are not plotted here. If you are looking for a store location outside DuPage, you will want to check that retailer’s website.

Top 10 Black Friday Sale Stores

You’ll want to check this post frequently as Black Friday approaches; additional information will be updated as it is received (including Black Friday sales flyers). Here is the list of stores in alphabetical order:

Best Buy

If previous years are any indicator, electronics giant, Best Buy, is sure to have some big Black Friday sales going on.  Here is the Best Buy Black Friday Sale Ad.


Meijer may or may not be your first shopping stop, but there are sure to be some good sales here  – Meijer Black Friday Sale Ad.


Menard’s is my personal favorite when it comes to Black Friday sales.  In my opinion, the home improvement giant has always outdone both Home Depot and Lowe’s.  Here is the Menard’s Black Friday Sale Ad.


Kmart is probably a good second or third stop on your Black Friday shopping adventure.  Here is the Kmart Black Friday Sale Ad.


Kohl’s takes Black Friday very seriously and offers up some of the best deals that you are going to find.  Here is the Kohl’s Black Friday Sale Ad.

Old Navy

Old Navy wouldn’t be my first stop, but they usually offers some very worthwhile deals on Black Friday.  Here is the Old Navy Black Friday Sale Ad.


Target is a great place to find big Black Friday savings on hot items, but get there early.  Here is the Target Black Friday Sale Ad.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us is a great place to find deals on toys and games that you cannot find elsewhere.  Here is the Toys R Us Black Friday Sale Ad.


You won’t many people lining up to get into to Walgreens on Black Friday, but keep an eye on their deals.  It may be a great place to check out at some point later in the day.  Here’s the Walgreen’s Black Friday Sale Ad.


With a few deals on popular items, Walmart will undoubtedly be mobbed with deal-seekers who line-up early on Black Friday.  Here is the Wal Mart Black Friday Sale Ad.