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DuPage County Coupons

The tough economic times have created a huge demand for local coupons and savings offers in recent years. Many consumers simply will not buy a product or service without an available coupon or deal. Retailers and service providers are heeding the call for savings and local coupons on a scale never before encountered… If you…

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Kohl’s Black Friday Sale

If you are daring enough to go shopping anywhere this coming Friday (the infamous Black Friday) Kohl’s may be the place to go. Kohl’s Black Friday 2010 sale starts earlier than ever before this year. Their doors open at 3AM (this is earlier than they have ever opened for this sale in the past).

They are touting over 400 early-bird sale items this Black Friday (100 more than last year). The early-bird sales hours at Kohls are from 3AM to 1PM this Friday only. This is the time to get the best deals on Christmas gifts at Kohls

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