Savings & Comparison Shopping savings coupons comparison shopping review is a website I was recently turned on to by a friend of mine. There are many coupon and comparison shopping websites available today, but this one shows a great deal of promise.

The problem with many of the coupon and price comparison websites available today is that they often focus on either coupons or price comparisons exclusively. Zip2Save seems to address this problem successfully. You get the best of both worlds…

The website is relatively clutter-free and has a simple layout that makes for a user-friendly experience.  Navigation tabs run the length of the page near the top and offer quick access to deals, store circulars, coupons, and product information.  Additionally, there is a “Stores” tab that opens to an easy to search alphabetical directory of major retailers (with logos to make identification even easier). savings coupons comparison shopping review
The website has a clean, full-featured layout.

Overall, the coupons and deals offered are not unlike those listed on many other coupon and savings websites on the internet, however, the fact that I can check out retailers current advertisements and circulars in the same place is a huge plus for me.  Many of the deals listed in the weekly circulars are not available (or even identified) on the vast majority of deals websites. is sure to gain more attention if the site can continue to leverage the all-in-one online shopping experience.  As shoppers continue to demand the best deals and prices, websites like Zip2Save must continue to provide easy access to the product and deal information that shoppers want to see. should be one more website in your arsenal of online shopping starting points.