Uncle Bub’s Westmont – Best BBQ

Uncle Bub’s in Westmont is by far the best BBQ restaurant in DuPage County. It very well may be the best BBQ restaurant in the entire six-county Chicago area (or dare I say Illinois?). If you are a fan of Famous Dave’s BBQ (and that’s not a bad restaurant), you have to trek and try Uncle Bub’s. You will not be disappointed.

The restaurant is just south of the train tracks off Cass Avenue in downtown Westmont. From the moment you exit your car in the parking lot, you can take in the aroma of hickory smoke permeating from the building’s roof top. The restaurant itself looks the part; it resembles a barn house or an old mill. Inside, there is wood everywhere – wood floor, ceiling, walls, and tables (which are covered with red-and-white checkered table cloths). There is a cozy, rustic vibe to the restaurant. It is very clean and comfy – perfect for carnivorous family enjoyment.

Each table is covered with red-and-white checkered table cloths and adorned with all the tools a BBQ-lover needs: a roll of paper towels, wet-naps, and a variety of out-of-this-world BBQ sauces. I have often contemplating guzzling an entire jar of their BBQ sauce (I know, sounds gross – but you’ll see what I mean).

When you enter the restaurant, turn right and walk right up to the counter. You’ll make your order here; the menu is up on the board behind the counter. You’ll be given a ridiculously bulky wooden pig number sign to place on your table. The waitstaff will bring your food out to you. There is a fountain for soda (free refills AND THEY HAVE GREEN RIVER). Even though it’s very much a self-service kind of place, on more than one occasion I have had an employee check in at our table to see how the food is and if we need anything; they’ve even refilled our drinks for us so we did have to get up from our BBQ bliss.

Now, the food… I cannot truly vouch for too much of the menu, only because I order the exact same thing every time I go there (probably been at least 20 times). I have seen many dishes, and ALL look great. Nobody I have ever gone with has been disappointed with their food. A friend of mine ALWAYS orders the brisket and can’t rave about it enough.

When I go, I order the Pulled Pork Sandwich Platter. It comes with two sides and I always get the baked beans and the fries. The fries have a potato skins intact and are a thing of pure perfection – truly some of the best fries I have ever had. The baked beans are served heavy and thick (I always poor a ton of BBQ sauce on them and mix) – they are very yummy. The pulled-pork sandwich is nearly beyond description, but I’ll try. The bun – a perfect match for the meat. It is soft, yet firm and in no way detracts from the BBQ heaven it contains. The pulled-pork itself is pulled NOT shredded. There are good size elongated chunks of pork with varying textures. Some of the pork will have a crisp edge to it (the outer portion that was subjected to many loving hours of hickory smoke) and some will be soft, tender, and juicy. ALL of it is savory and full of flavor. BBQ’d pork perfection…

Get to Uncle Bub’s in Westmont… Their BBQ skills are evident in every bite.