Free Kid Fun – The Fermi Lab Bison

fermi bison free kid fun
I was recently speaking with neighbor of mine, he’s a good guy who is very active with has small children. We were discussing our weekends and what we did with our kids. I told him we went to the park, got a little swimming in before the rain, and went to Fermi to visit the bison. He looked at me with a confusion on his face.

“Bison?” he asked.

I’ve often received this very same reaction from others. Here was yet another person living within 5 miles of Fermilab, who had no idea that a herd of the majestic animals lived and roamed there.

Fermilab occupies the land inside of Kirk Rd (Batavia) to the west, Route 59 (Warrenville) to the east, Butterfield Rd (North Aurora) to the south, and Roosevelt Rd (West Chicago) to the north.  The facility is operated by the U.S. Department of Energy.

My kids and I will visit ‘our’ bison somewhat regularly (once every couple of months or so). It’s a fun, free, and kid-friendly thing to do. I enjoy it as well. The bison, often incorrectly referred to as buffalo, are something to see. You can get within 20 feet or so of them depending on where they are in the field when you visit (yes, there is a fence). So, if you are looking for something free and enjoyable to do with your kids, a trip to Fermilab to see the bison is sure to please.

I’ve found that using Fermilab’s east entrance (Route 59 to Batavia Rd west to entrance) is easiest. You will most likely need to stop at the gate and show a state ID. Just tell the guard you are here to see the bison and they’ll send you through.

More information about the Fermi bison can be found here.

Enjoy your fun-filled (and free) outing with the kids!