Probation for Aurora Sex Offender!?

I read this article, published in the Chicago Tribune.

The 19 year-old offender, Quincy Forrester, was found guilty of entering the homes of three women and touching their legs while they slept.  He was also arrested for a similar offense in Florida.

DuPage County Judge, John Kinsella, sentenced Forrester to 30-months of sex-offender PROBATION.  In addition to the meager sentence of probation, Forrester will have to wear a GPS-tracking device for the full term of his sentence.

Forrester ILLEGALLY entered others’  homes not once, not twice, but THREE times.  On THREE different occasions he invaded THREE different lives.  He destroyed THREE individuals’ sense of comfort and security in their own homes.  He touched THREE women who did not invite his touch.  His penalty for these offenses?  10-months PROBATION per occurrence.

Mark this post, because I’m willing to bet that we’ll be hearing about Forrester again prior to the successful completion of his ‘sentence’.

I find his crimes to be vile, offensive, and dangerous.  However, I find the fact that he is still out there prowling, without being sentenced to substantial jail time, even more offensive.  But hey, he does have a GPS-tracking device on him now.  That’s a hell of a lot of faith to place in something that runs on batteries.