DuPage Case – Case Search Information

dupage case county courthouse dupagecase.com

DupageCase.com is a website operated by the DuPage County court case system.  It is a public accessible resource for individuals and legal professionals with and active case, or cases, in DuPage County. You can use the site for the specific purpose of looking up your court or DuPage case legal information such as fines due, next court date, lawyer assignments, and court location.

dupage case county courthouse dupagecase.com

On DuPageCase.com, you can search for your court / case information using your first and last name, case number, or complaint number. Once queried, the database will return your case history and/or a list of cases in DuPage County. If you have the unfortunate displeasure of receiving a traffic ticket or moving violation in DuPage County, the legal case database at DuPage case is a great resource to find out the specifics you may need.  Tickets or violations issued by a village within DuPage County will be listed in the case database; the database is not limited to tickets/violations issued by the county sheriff.

Who can use DuPage Case?

Case database users should have active cases in the DuPage County court system. You should know that use of the DuPage case website for research purposes (i.e. searching for others’ ticket/legal case history) is not what the tool was intended for. Using the database in this manner goes against the dupagecase.com site policy and is not advised.