DuPage County DUI Arrests Information

Outside of DuPage County, Illinois’ major metropolitan aras like Chicago, Rockford, and Peoria, lead with the highest number of arrests for drunk driving.  This is not to say that a significant number of DUI arrests don’t happen in DuPage County, because they do. 

In 2009, the city with the most DUI arrests in DuPage County was Naperville, with 581 arrests.  Naperville has topped the DuPage County DUI arrest count for years due mostly to its size in both area and population.  There is also a lively bar and nightlife scene downtown which undoubtedly may contribute to the higher DUI arrest rate.  Other cities in DuPage with the highest DUI arrest rate include Carol Stream (499) and Aurora (447).

Who is most likely to drive drunk in DuPage County?
Statistically, males (79%) aged 34 or younger (61%) driving between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. on the weekend with a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .16 are your most likely offenders.  However, it could be anyone who makes the poor choice to drive after consuming too much alcohol.

If you are lucky enough not to hurt someone or yourself, getting arrested for DUI is an expensive mistake.  First-time offenders pay significant fines, pay hefty legal fees for lawyers, and will often see their auto insurance rates skyrocket.  Additionally, there is the time, license suspension, and legal hassle to deal with. 

You will have to find a DUI lawyer.  You will most likely have to miss work on more than one occasion to meet with your lawyer, go to court, or satisfy court-ordered alcohol counseling.  You will probably lose your drivers license.  You will have to find someone to drive you to and from work, your lawyer’s office, court, and where ever it is you need to go.

Do not put yourself and others at risk.  Save your life and the hassle; be safe and don’t drink and drive!