School Emergency Closing and Snow Day Information

school closings emergency closings snow day

With winter, comes snow, and subsequently, emergency school closings and snow days…

It helps to know where to find last-minute school closing information due to snow or extreme cold temperatures.  Below are some key DuPage County area resources to use to find local school closings due to snow or winter storms.

Online (the fastest way to find out if your school is closed)

Emergency Closing Center

Radio (school closings listed between or in place of regular programming)

  • WGN (AM) 720
  • WBBM (AM) 1000

TV (local Chicago news network affiliates will often list school closing information via on-screen listings)

  • ABC
  • NBC
  • WLS
  • WGN

Many schools will now send voicemail and/or email messages information you that the school has been closed due to severe winter weather.  Calling the school is also an option, but they may be inundated with phone calls or no staff may be present, so this certainly isn’t the best way to find out if your school is closed.