How To Find a Great Deal! Just ask.

These are tough economic times.  We all are feeling it.  We have less money and we are probably working harder to than ever to get it.  There is some opportunity in this though…

Just as we may be struggling, so are many retail stores and service providers.  Like us, they too are working harder than ever to get your business.  Many stores are practically stuffing coupons, deals, and discounts into potential customer’s hands.  Like us, they too need money to survive.

As a consumer in these times, you should look at a price tag, laugh, and say, “uh-uh, you can do better than that.”  Paying full-price for anything in this market is foolhardy.  Do not be too timid or afraid to simply ask outright, “Is this the best price you can do for this?”  You will be surprised how many times the store’s manager is willing to deal or discount the price to make the sale.

This is not to say you should approach the grocery store manager and haggle over the price of a loaf of bread and every other item in your cart.  You should, however, always try for more when it comes to the bigger-ticket items such as appliances, electronics, home improvement, and even clothing.  Don’t be afraid to deal!  Ask, and many times, you will receive.

You may need to be creative with your request for a discount.  There are times when there is nothing more a salesperson can do to lower a price.  Perhaps the item is already deeply-discounted or on sale.  Plan ahead for this.  Be prepared to ask for an add-on service or throw-in option.  For example, if the salesperson informs you that they cannot do anything to lower the price on the refrigerator you want to buy, be ready to ask for free delivery, a free protection-plan, or a coupon or discount to be used on a future purchase.  All of these are potential ways for you to sweeten the deal for yourself.

Your odds increase 100% just by asking.  If you don’t ask, you NEVER will receive.

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