Veggie Fest 2010 in Naperville This Weekend

If you have never attended Veggie Fest in Naperville before, it really is a worthwhile outing.  Veggie Fest is all about plant-based foods and living a vegetarian lifestyle.  Vegetarian samples, snacks, and meals will be available from over 100 vendors.  Adults will enjoy one of the many available cooking demonstrations, while kids have fun with face painting, an inflatable bouncing attraction, and hair beading.

One of the primary messages presented during Veggie Fest is that there is an alternative to society’s constant dependence on pharmacutical and medicines.  By consuming a plant-based diet and making lifestyle changes, a person will not need to be so relient on medicine.  You can also learn about natural, wholistic dietary changes you can make to counteract many physical ailments.

The festival is held on the grounds of the Science of Spirtuality Meditation Center (4S175 Naperville Road) in Naperville.  Look for the sign on the east side of Naperville Road.  The center is located adjacent (north) to Mullin’s restaurant on the corner of Naperville and Warrenville roads.

Veggie Fest runs from 11AM to 8PM on Saturday, August 7th and from 11AM to 7PM on Sunday, August 8th.

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