The Best Pizza in DuPage!

Good pizza is not hard to find in the Chicago area.  It does, however, get far more difficult to find decent pizza the further you get from Chicago.  I’d like to illustrate this point with a story.

I was on vacation in Missouri and had a terrible craving for pizza.  While out-and-about, I asked some locals where I could order the best pizza.  After asking a few folks, I had my answer.  That evening I called a local pizzeria to place a delivery order.  I told the voice on the other end of the line, “I’d like to order a sausage pizza for delivery.”  I then received a response that I could not quite comprehend…  “Which kind?” the order-taker asked.  Curious and intrigued (I did not know that there existed sausage options), I asked, “Which kinds do you have?”  Then came a most-disturbing and perplexing reply, “Italian or pork.”  In an instant, I recoiled in utter-disgust.  “You mean pork sausage, like breakfast-sausage?”  The voice on the other end now seemed to be losing patience, “Right.”  I stumbled and stuttered for a moment, then cancelled my order, deciding that Chinese was probably a better option.

So, fellow-citizens of DuPage, we are indeed lucky people.  We may not have mountains, or beaches, or any other distinguishable geographic highlights, but what we do have is pizza.  We are, in fact, living in the pizza capitol or the entire world.  Not New York, not Italy, not anywhere else in the world, can you find pizza as good as we have it right here in the Chicago area.

Now, the time has come when each of us must make a stand, and declare who makes the best pizza in DuPage County.  First some rules:

  1. Your choice must be within the boundaries of DuPage County.
  2. Your choice must be a commercial business (we all know your momma makes the best pizza).
  3. You can declare more than one, but you MUST specify a type for each (best pan pizza, best deep-dish pizza, etc).
  4. Tell us why (fresh ingredients, great sauce, the cheese, whatever).

I will begin… 

My vote for the best pizza in DuPage County goes to Gianorios Pizza in Winfield (630-665-6000 / 27w193 Geneva Road).  Their thin/regular dough pizza is the best – not cracker-thin, but not too thick either.  The flavor of their sauce is perfectly balanced (not sweet and not too much tomato paste).  The ingredients are fresh and the cheese is tasty (and not too greasy).  You cannot find a better pizza.

Go forth now, and let the rest of DuPage know who you think makes the best pizza in DuPage County. 

What is your choice for the best pizza in DuPage?  Post your response in the comments section below…