DuPage County’s Haunted Places

DuPage County Haunted PlacesIn the spirit (excuse the pun of course) of the Halloween season, here is a list of DuPage County’s most-notable haunted places.  Are they really haunted?  Who knows?  You decide…

Baymont Inn and Suites, Aurora

  • Guest Room: Late at night, an employee heard strange voices in one of the rooms where no guests were registered.  The room was unlocked to investigate and no one was there.
  • Room 208:  Employee reported a guest wanting out of room 208 after he woke up with the feeling of being strangled by someone, but no one was there.
  •  Lobby: At 2AM on St. Patrick’s Day, a guest was talking on the phone in the lobby of the hotel when a white orb shot across the lobby from the office area and vanished.  This incident was also witnessed by a member of the front-desk staff.

Leland Tower Hotel, Aurora
The 21-story Leland Tower Hotel is the tallest building in downtown Aurora and is said to be haunted.  Numerous suicides have occurred when individuals have jumped to their deaths from the building.  Foul odors and moaning sounds have been noted many times at this location.

Mount Olivet Cemetery, Aurora
This cemetery is another Aurora location said to be haunted.  There have been numerous reports in the past of people seeing women dressed in 1950s-style clothing standing near a 1950’s Lincoln.  It is said that these women appear momentarily, but quickly fade away, out-of-sight.

Country House Restaurant, Clarendon Hills
Customers and staff members report strange voices, slamming doors, and windows that opened by themselves. The two men, concerned that the place might be haunted, contacted a number of paranormal researchers and psychics about the building. In the end, it seemed the general thought that the ghost in the building was a young woman who had been killed in a car accident outside the bar in the late 1950’s.

Benedictine University, Lisle

  • Numerous sightings of a boy in a blue t-shirt who, no matter what the weather, is seen running on the grounds and simply disappears.
  • It is said that there was an incident at the cemetery where a student became possessed after playing with a Ouija board.  He and some friends went to the cemetery and he became uncontrollable (even when public safety was called).  It is said that an exorcism was performed on him because he was possessed.
  • Numerous reports of electronics being turned on and off at random throughout the campus buildings.

HauntingsEvangelical Church Cemetery, Oak Brook
This cemetery is said to be one of the most-active haunts in that world.  The cemetery is located near the Graue Mill (which was a stop on the underground railroad).  It is said that many slaves from Civil War times were buried here – never fulfilling their trip to freedom in Canada.  There have been many reports of ghost sightings in and around the cemetery.

Ovaltine Factory, Villa Park
This once abandoned factory was a hangout for teens in the 70’s and 80’s.  In those times there have been numerous reports of satanic ritual activity at the site.  There were reports of strange occurrences – sounds, cold spots, etc.  The factory has been removed and now luxury condo’s are located at this location.  Strange occurrences continue to be reported at this condo complex.  Many residents have reported sounds, cold spots, and electronics that switch themselves on and off.

One 20 Ocean Place Restaurant, Wheaton
This restaurant was once a funeral parlor.  Patrons and staff have reported hauntings including, odd sounds, visions, the feeling of being watched, and strange voices.  Lights flicker and dim with no clear electrical problem.  Sounds of footsteps are often heard going up the back steps of the building when no one is there.

If you know of more, please let us know…