Hotels in Oakbrook or Westmont?

I thought I’d share this info in the event you find yourself in a similar situation…

A good friend of mine recently called to tell me he was coming into town for a few days; he had business meetings to attend in Oakbrook, near the mall. Due to a conference, he was having trouble finding a room in any of the hotels near the mall. He asked if a could recommend an alternative, nearby hotel for his three night stay.

I told him I’d look into it for him and get back to him soon. I was able to find a couple of hotels that weren’t too far from the Oakbrook mall. Prior to my search, I had no knowledge of any hotels in Westmont, but found the Homestead Westmont and the Clubhouse Inn & Suites Westmont Hotel.

Both hotels were technically Westmont hotels, but they may as well have been Oakbrook hotels due to their very close proximity to the mall. Both hotels are located near Route 83 and Ogden Avenue, on Pasquinelli Drive, about two miles south of Oakbrook Mall.

The Homestead Westmont is actually a longer-term hotel (with all rooms having a kitchenette, etc). It was a decent looking hotel, but was overkill for my friend’s three-day stay. The Clubhouse, on the other hand, looked a bit more upscale and seemed like it would be a better option overall.

I called my friend and he did end up staying at the Clubhouse and loved it (though he may stay at the Homestead Westmont for a two-week-long business trip to the area in October). So, there you have it… These hotels in Westmont are very viable alternatives to Oakbrook hotels.