clear vs comcast high speed internet

It’s Clear, I Hate Comcast – Comcast vs Clear

I should forewarn you that I am writing this from a biased position. I’m not even going to pretend that I like Comcast in the least, because I don’t. In fact, I cannot stand Comcast, and I’d love to see them squashed completely out of existence. Everything written in this post is based on my experience with, and opinion of, Comcast. Now, on to my experience of finally cutting the cable for good and connecting via Clear Network wireless.

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dupage county law library legal information

DuPage County Law Library

The DuPage County Law Library, though often overlooked, is a valuable source of free legal information. The library is on the 2nd floor of the DuPage County Judicial Center located off County Farm Road in Wheaton (at the county municipal services complex near the DuPage County Fairgrounds). The library is open to the public Monday through Friday only (there are no weekend hours available) from 8AM – 4:30PM.

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