Swimming Lessons Aurora, IL Options

swimming lessons aurora il

If you are looking for swimming lessons in Aurora, this list of facilities is a great starting-point to find the location and program you want. Most programs in the are include swim lessons for children and adults of various skill-levels.
swimming lessons aurora il

Bear Paddle Swim School

  • Offers classes and private swim lessons
  • Indoor, warm-water pool
  • Ultra-Violet light pool sanitization
  • Salt-water pool, easier on child’s skin
  • Children-only swim lesson focus

Bear Paddle Swim School
Yorkshire Plaza, 4308 E. New York St., Aurora, IL 60504
Phone:  630-692-SWIM

DuPage Swimming Center

  • Indoor pool, warm-water pool
  • Full-year swimming instruction
  • Offers a variety of classes and private lessons
  • Featuring a 4:1 student / instructor ratio for classes
  • Offers parent / toddler swimming classes
  • Extended hours 7AM and 9PM

DuPage Swimming Center
520 North Oakhurst Drive, Aurora, IL 60502
Phone: 630-692-1500 ext. 101 for front desk
630-692-1500 ext. 104 for General Manager
Fax: 630-692-1528

Fox Valley Park District Aquatics

  • Child and adult swimming classes
  • Year-round lessons at indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool options in summer months
  • Parent & preschooler swim class option

Vaughan Aquatic Center
2121 W. Indian Trail, Aurora, IL 60506
Phone:  630-907-9613

Marmion Academy Swim School

  • Indoor pool
  • Offers swim classes for children and adults

Marmion Academy Swim School
1000 Butterfield Road, Aurora, IL 60502
Phone: 630-240-5094
E-Mail: Info@swimwithbill.com

Rush-Copley Healthplex Aquatics

  • Adult classes (13 years old and up)
  • Indoor pool
  • Offers private and semi-private swimming lessons

Rush-Copley Healthplex Swimming
1900 Ogden Avenue, Aurora, IL  60504
Phone: 630-978-6742