Route 59 Expansion Project Construction Begins

Route 59 Road Construction

Route 59 Expansion Project MapThe Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will begin work this week on the Route 59 Expansion Project.  The planned construction will affect a stretch of Route 59 from New York Street in Naperville, northward to Ferry Road in Warrenville.  You can view a detailed area map of the approximately 3.5 mile length of the Route 59 construction plan here.   More than 50,000 cars and trucks pass over this stretch of roadway each day.  Nearly anyone who drives this stretch of Route 59 on a regular basis can attest to the traffic congestion and delays experienced here and the need for improvement.

Route 59 Expansion Construction Plan

The goal of this construction project is to increase the safety and usability of the roadway, while decreasing traffic delays.  Some of the key points that this project will address include:

Road Widening

An additional northbound and southbound lane will be added to the entire length of Route 59 indicated above.  This will bring the total traveling lanes on the roadway to six (three in each direction).

Improved Intersections

Key intersections will be reconfigured with additional and extended turn lanes to accommodate more current traffic trends.

Coordinated Traffic Signals

Traffic signal timing and interaction will be greatly improved to vastly improve travel times along this stretch of Route 59.  This will also accommodate an increase in rush-hour traffic flow.

New Access Restrictions

Driveways and smaller inlet-roads will either have restricted or no direct access to Route 59.  These smaller roads will be redirected as necessary to account for the changes.

Additional Pedestrian & Bicycle Pathways

Wherever possible, sidewalks will be added and/or improved along sections of Route 59.  Also in consideration at this time is the creation of a bicycle path along one side of the expanded roadway.

Improved I-88 Interchange

The use of a diverging diamond configuration will be used at the Route 59 bridge over I-88 to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.  You can read more about this time of interchange here.

Route 59 Construction Timeline

Route 59 Construction in NapervilleCurrent

Tree removal along the Rt59 roadway will take place beginning this week and continuing through October.  To accommodate the tree removal work, short-term lane closures and rerouting are expected to occur.

Fall/Winter 2012

Later this fall, a utilities team overseen by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will begin removing and relocating utilities along the stretch of Route 59 that will be widened.

Spring 2012 through Fall 2014

Significant roadwork will begin to expand and rework the current Route 59 configuration and interchange with I-88.  The work is expected to continue throughout most of 2014.

What to Expect During the Route 59 Expansion

It goes without saying that area drivers should expect significant delays near and on the indicated stretch of Route 59.  Drivers are strongly urged to find an alternate route to and from work to avoid traffic delays caused by the construction.  Unfortunately, traffic delays will be unavoidable, so plan accordingly.

This particular stretch of Route 59 is loaded with strip-malls and shopping centers which will add to traffic congestion and delays.  Businesses along the construction route will remain open throughout the project.

Stay tuned to the Illnois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Construction Update Report for ongoing updates on this project.