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news kristy wesselman murder caseA news conference will be held Thursday to announce new developments in the 1985 murder of Kristy Wesselman in Glen Ellyn.   The date marks the 26 years since the horrific crime wounded the surrounding Glen Ellyn community.  Sandy Wesselman, Kristy’s mother is expected to speak at the news conference.

Many leads have been pursued over the years, but none of them pointed to a killer in the case.  When asked, the DuPage County sheriff’s spokeswoman Dawn Domrose declined to further comment on the new developments.  State’s Attorney Robert Berlin stated that no persons have been charged with murder.  Perhaps that is just a temporary thing.  We’ll have to wait and see what news comes Thursday.

If an arrest has not been made, I can only hope that the DuPage County Sheriff’s office has decided to open the case, and seek help from the community.  Kristy deserves justice; her family deserves justice.  It has been too long coming…

I made this post last year on the 25th anniversary of Kristy’s murder.

If you have any information that you feel could assist the DuPage County Sheriff’s office in this investigation, I encourage you to contact them.

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  1. Denise says:

    I am so interested in the outcome of this case. My husband and I contacted the police shortly after we found out about Kristy’s murder. We had been walking our dog directly across the street from the crime scene at Hidden Lake. We were both startled about a weird guy we saw riding a bike that day coming out of the interior of Hidden Lake. My husband was ahead of me walking faster so we actually saw the guy, not exactly at the same time. As I was approaching the entrance, just over the bridge a guy came riding out toward the exit. When I met up with my husband just ahead of me I commented to him that I was glad I was not there by myself because the guy was creepy looking. We both commented about a few very unusual observations we had made in the short meeting. We immediately thought of this guy after Kristy was found and contacted the police. Novone ever got back to us. We called again. Again no one ever came to talk to us. Years later,,, always being bothered that we may have witnessed the murderer, I spoke to a friend who had happened to have worked on the case and I told him about the situation and that no one ever contacted us to get t the details of our encounter. He had said he would look into it. Again Nothing. Now being a mother myself, I can not imagine the police not following every single lead, especially one of such great coincidence. Maybe they have know all along who commited this crime and did not have enough evidence to prove it. That is the only reason I can think of that we were not contacted. I hope that Kristy’s murderer is found so that her family can let her rest in peace and have some final closure. God Bless the Wesselmans.

  2. M. Anton says:

    Maybe if you try again- someone will listen, seeing as they have new evidence?? Worth a try

  3. says:

    Thank you. I hope the police process asap.

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