News Coming in Kristy Wesselman Murder Cold Case

news kristy wesselman murder case

news kristy wesselman murder caseA news conference will be held Thursday to announce new developments in the 1985 murder of Kristy Wesselman in Glen Ellyn.   The date marks the 26 years since the horrific crime wounded the surrounding Glen Ellyn community.  Sandy Wesselman, Kristy’s mother is expected to speak at the news conference.

Many leads have been pursued over the years, but none of them pointed to a killer in the case.  When asked, the DuPage County sheriff’s spokeswoman Dawn Domrose declined to further comment on the new developments.  State’s Attorney Robert Berlin stated that no persons have been charged with murder.  Perhaps that is just a temporary thing.  We’ll have to wait and see what news comes Thursday.

If an arrest has not been made, I can only hope that the DuPage County Sheriff’s office has decided to open the case, and seek help from the community.  Kristy deserves justice; her family deserves justice.  It has been too long coming…

I made this post last year on the 25th anniversary of Kristy’s murder.

If you have any information that you feel could assist the DuPage County Sheriff’s office in this investigation, I encourage you to contact them.