Facebook Stabbing in Wheaton a Mother and Daughter Charged

Here is another tale of woe to add to the Facebook annals…

A mother (Judith E. Scott-Booker, 41) and daughter (Brianna Smith, 18) allegedly confronted and attacked another mother-daughter pairing in Wheaton.  The suspects are charged with felony aggravated assault, and are accused of stabbing the victims. 

The attack occurred in the townhouse section of the usually calm Briarcliff neighborhood. Both the alleged perpetrators and the victims have known each other for years, and were actually friends for a time.

Scott-Booker and daughter, Brianna Smith, became enraged over comments that the other mother-daughter pair allegedly made.  Someone had referred to Brianna Smith’s newborn baby as “ugly.”

Scott-Booker is now in the DuPage County Jail.  The victims survived the attack.