Christmas Returns, 3 Worst Stores for Returns and Exchanges

It’s the day after Christmas and you have presents to return or exchange.  These are the local retail stores you do NOT want to go to on December  26th to make a gift return or gift exchange.

#3 – Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a great store, but there will be so many people rushing in to return gifts, that even an efficient, organized retail store like Kohl’s will have trouble keeping up.

#2 – Toys R Us

This store will also be very crowded and loaded with customers eager to make returns or gift exchanges.  Wait a few days so the store has time to restock their shelves.  If you want to make an exchange, your odds that Toys R Us will have what you want in-stock greatly increase.  Too many late Christmas shoppers have already depleted inventory…

#1 – Best Buy

Making a return or exchange at Best Buy is a painful experience any time, let-alone the day after Christmas.  Best Buy will be a crowded, disorganized mess without a doubt.  I have three words for you:  DON’T DO IT!