Bring on the Blizzard!

I have to admit, I’m very excited about the impending blizzard.  I feel like a school-kid; the anticipation of waking up to two-feet of snow in the morning is almost too much to contend with.

Too often, we live mundane lives with zero to no threat to our security or personal well-being.  It may sound crazy, but you have to admit, it’s exciting when your survival instinct is activated (not that there really is much of a threat in this modern age of convenience I suppose, but you get the point).  I’m sure I wouldn’t like it very much if I were stuck outside in this kind of weather, but let’s face it, this is DuPage County, and very few if any of us will be stuck out in the storm.

It makes you appreciate so much, when something that would have really been life-threatening in days long ago, is reduced to little more than inconvenience.  That’s really what this is for the most part, an inconvenience, for the vast majority of us.

We may be forced to brew our own coffee as we probably won’t be able to get to Starbucks (and who knows if Starbucks will even be open, God-forbid!).  Many of us will not be able to get to work, but will still be able to do something via a VPN connection into our place of employment.

There will be lots of snow.  There will be cold and wind.  There will be ice.  I’m trying to ignore all these harsh realities.  I’m ready for the worst of it.  Bring on the blizzard.  Give me your best shot.  I’m ready.  I want to reconnect with that survival instinct that has been dormant inside for too long, even if I am doing it while sipping coffee in my PJ’s with a laptop on my lap.